Harvest Celebration

6th October 2017

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What a lovely service we had in the church!

The flower arrangements were colourful, the displays of produce were in abundance and the children performed their poems, prayers, songs and dramas beautifully.

Thanks to everyone for their kind donations; the produce was sent to the Food Bank in Bridport and the 27 raised from the collection was added to other collections and sent to Young Minds,in connection with our HelloYellow day.

It's another Harvest Festival

When we bring our fruit and vegetables

'Cause we want to share the best of all

The good things that we've been given.

It's another opportunity

To be grateful for the food we eat,

With a samba celebration to

Say, 'Thank you' to God the Father

Our reception children each brought an item of fruit or vegetable to add to the lovely displays and presented them to Revd Canon Stephen Batty who presided over the service.

Sails class celebrated how God gives the sunshine

Boats class recited a complicated Harvest Portmanteau celebrating the wondrous variety of gifts at Harvest

Class 3 sang 'Thank You Father' and Class 4 recited their acrostic poems

The choir sang beautifully - a round 'Now the sun is shining' - and it was!