School Easter Service
Friday 7th April 2017
The whole School celebrated the Easter story in a variety of different ways.
Sails class  shared their descriptions of spring, Boats class told us what Easter means to them and to other people, Class 3 sang a round celebrating the season and Class 4 shared work they had been doing reflecting on the various people in the Easter story, including Jesus, and their feelings as they experienced the various different aspects of the story (see below).   Everyone sang 'Lord of the Dance', 'Easter Children' and 'Easter Jubilation' and the choir sang a very powerful song: 'Crucify'.
A full library of photos is available on the web link provided for parents/carers by the school office
After the service, all the children and staff were presented with palm crosses on behalf of the Church congregation as a reminder of the aspects of the Easter story.

Reflections from Class 4 pupils on Easter and Salvation

These reflections were read by each pair as part of the School's Easter Service


I see palm leaves waving in the air

I notice love all around me

I hear the cry of voices and the rustling of the leaves

I want to say, ”Will you always be by my side?”

I smell betrayal in the afternoon sun

I imagine the darkness coming in

I feel the heat upon my back as I ride through Jerusalem

It reminds me of a time when everything was OK

I taste the souls of darkness

It is like a black mist clouding over good souls

I wonder if they will regret what they have done

It makes me think will they miss me?

Fenton and Tom


I see Jesus’ halo over his head while people throw palm leaves onto the valley

I notice someone crying for mercy at his feet

I hear cries and screams as well as yells and laughter in the air

I want to say, ”Stop, don’t come this way for there are too many lies and traitors ahead.”

I smell death in the distance but hope where sadness lies

I imagine myself being one of the disciples betraying Jesus myself

I feel blood red wine dripping on my hands from the party

It reminds me of tears from children’s eyes when the world was filled with sadness and despair

I taste the end coming but the start of a new beginning

It is like when God flooded the world and a rainbow came out to start a new beginning

I wonder what lies ahead in the future.  Will the world be full of joy and love again?

It makes me think of the time when Jesus told stories of love and spread messages of joy around the world.

Amy and Amelia


I see Jesus in Jerusalem and people waving palm leaves around

I notice that Jesus looks sad

I hear people shouting “Hosanna”

I want to say, “Are you alright Jesus?”

I smell danger in the air

I imagine that Jesus is going to die soon

I feel anxious about what is to come

It reminds me of what the world was like before Jesus came

I taste betrayal in the air

It is like people are turning against Him

I wonder if something bad is coming

It makes me think that Jesus had mixed emotions

Jack and Sam B


I see people watching me from down below

I notice they’re fighting over my clothes

I hear the cock crow twice

I want to say, “Everyone soon will betray me.”

I smell the threat of death floating in the air

What will the world be like when I am gone?

I feel pain from the nails going through my hands

It reminds me of why I am doing this

I feel the pain from being whipped

It is like the ultimate torture

I wonder how you felt when I was being crucified

It makes me think that no-one cares about me

Jacob and Sam


I see guards bartering for my clothes

I notice greed in the guards over my clothes not my life

I hear chaos in the air

I want to say, “Calm down, I will be alright,” right next to you

I smell betrayal from my disciples

I imagine joy without trust

I feel blood dripping down my face

It reminds me of being betrayed by my friends

I taste sin but forgiveness

It is like dying and rising again

I wonder what chaos will do to the world

It makes me think, “Will my friends sin against me after time?

William C and Edward


I see Jesus talking to his disciples

I notice that people are cheering as Jesus is on the cross

I hear everyone shouting crucify

I want to say, “Jesus must live as he can help us.”

I smell Jesus’ blood as he screams in pain

I imagine that Jesus will always be with us

I feel Jesus whispering in my ear, “I will always be with you.”

It reminds me of Jesus healing the ill

I taste Jesus’ love flowing through me

It is like Jesus loving you for who you are

I wonder why do people want Jesus crucified

It makes me think, “Why do people cause so much pain?”

Amber and William D