Class 4 Residential to Swanage
21st - 23rd June 2017
A large number of photos is available via the link for parents and carers supplied by the School Office

Amy and Rio write about the experience:
"When we arrived, we firstly went into the hall and one of the staff, named Danny, introduced us to the place.  After that, we were shown into our bedrooms and we had our lunch over by the pool.  Meanwhile, we played a game of aeroball which we all really enjoyed. We could play some football whilst we were waiting to have a go.  And at night we had a disco! 
The next day, we got up and had breakfast.  We could have a choice of a lot of food to eat.  After we had breakfast, we went into the swimming pool to have a play in it and to have some fun.  Then we played kwik-cricket (which I really enjoyed!).  Kwik-cricket is a game where the bowler bowls the ball for the batter to hit the ball to get as many runs as possible.  After that, we went on a walk to Durlston and then we walked around it to see what it's all about. When we got back, we had dinner and then we went to sleep. 
When we woke up, we packed our bags and suitcases, and went crabbing.  We caught about 8 crabs.  After about an hour later, we headed home to have lunch.  And then we hopped on to the bus and headed back to school."