Here you can find out about the age related expectations for your child’s year group for reading, writing and maths.  As outlined in the new National Curriculum 2014, children must be able to demonstrate they can reliably meet all the requirements listed, in order that, at the end of the year, they can be assessed as meeting the age related expectations for their year group. It is important that parents are aware of the end goals for children in each year group in order to support their children in working towards them.

You can download the Presentation that was provided for parents at the meeting on 3rd December 2015 which explains the context and what the staff are doing to ensure the learning needs of the children are being met in the most exciting and challenging way.

Year 1 Expectations

Year 4 Expectations

Year 2 Expectations

Year 5 Expectations

Year 3 Expectations

Year 6 Expectations

'Assessment without levels'

PowerPoint presentation from Parents' Evening

Learning Quests
Each term, the curriculum is taught through a 'Learning Quest' in which all the elements of the various subjects are brought together and taught in a creative, practical and exciting way.  Information about the Learning Quests and the subject content of each Quest is detailed below.  The Learning Quests will repeat and be developed further over a two year cycle.

Autumn 2014

Forest Adventure

Spring 2015

How it Works

Summer 2015

Jurassic Coast

Autumn 2015


Spring 2016

Houses and Homes

Summer 2016

Food and Farming

Autumn 2016

Forest Adventure

Spring 2017

How it Works

Summer 2017

Jurassic Coast

Autumn 2017


Spring 2018

Houses and Homes