Colmers Hill Run

23rd November 2019

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Ayla and Shai write:

On the 23rd November, we competed in the Colmers hill run. The boys were Jaxon, Jaxson, William, George, Billy, Jamie, Zach and Josh. The girls were Lilly, Alyssa, Ayla and Shai.

Firstly, Shai led a warm-up and got us ready for the race.

Up first, were the girls. There were lots of people there!!! We had a cracking start. After running in the rain and wet mud, we all got our ticket to show where we placed. Our scores were; Ayla-5th, Lilly-7th, Shai-11th and Alyssa-12th. We were really proud, we thought we could win overall.

Up next, the boys. There were lots more people in that race. They were also off with a great start! Looking very muddy, the boys finished in these places; Jaxon-22nd, William-52nd, George- 46th, Billy, Zach, Josh, Jamie and Jaxson sadly weren’t placed despite their efforts.

In the end, we gathered for our results in the pouring rain. Unfortunately, most of the boys couldn’t come. Only Jaxon from the boys stayed.  Firstly, the boys received the overall results: sadly the boys didn’t get in the top 5.  The girls came 2nd with 35 points and Bridport Primary came 1st with 34 - we were so close!!!  We went home muddy yet really proud!

Thanks to one of our parents for the photographs as the school camera was faulty.