Harvest Festival
3rd October 2019
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For a number of reasons, including planned building work in the Church, this year's service took place in the School Hall.  Parents and children donated a considerable amount of produce which was displayed in the foyer and which was moved to the church to add to the decorations for the service on the following Sunday.  It was then donated to the local food bank in Bridport.
 At the service, Wagtail class brought Harvest gifts to the Rector, Revd Jane Williams and then recited a lovely poem:

We see orange,
We see brown,
We see leaves,
On the ground.

We see yellow,
We see red,
We see leaves,
Above our head.



Robin class displayed their huge collages of fruit and vegetables and made our mouths water with their descriptions of them. These were then taken to the church and displayed on the pillars at the front to great effect for the Harvest weekend.


Kingfisher class showed us their artwork showing various fruits and vegetables and then shared their prayers with us.

Owl class shared a selection of their acrostic poems around the key words associated with Harvest.  These were also taken to the church and formed part of each display on the window sills as well as around the font.


Revd Jane Williams, with four volunteers of ever increasing height, read the parable of the sower from the Bible and the way in which it talked about growth of ourselves both in stature but also in knowledge and other qualities such as kindness, hope and friendship as we share life together in the School and become the sorts of people that God wants us to be.

The school and parents sang harvest songs and Miss Sanderson thanked all those who had contributed in many different ways.