Peace Child Performance
11th December 2019
Click on a photo to enlarge.  A wide range of photos of the event are available through the link provided by the School Office for parents/carers.

Set in the far-off and fictional land of Mambica, this is a story of two opposing tribes with different lifestyles and traditions.  The Sotongi (dressed in red) and Wannakeekee (dressed in blue) tribes are separated by a river and also by generations of animosity.  There seems to be little hope of reconciliation.
When a western TV crew decide to build a bridge between the two communities, the threat of war between tribes becomes a grave reality.  Only the gift of a newborn son can bring hope and life to the land and its people.

It is, of course, a parallel of the wonderful first Christmas story.

As our narrator, Scott, said at the end of the performance:

"And so, our story is ended.  We can draw our journey to a close and head off into the sunset, toward a hope-filled horizon.  All because Wisdom drew forth, from her ancient well, a startling solution to the age-old problem of blind hatred and fierce pride: a loving father, willing to give up his only son to save his people from sorrow and death.  A Peace Child.  Amazing!  Who ever would have thought of that?"