School Events

School parents/carers have access to the extensive library of photographs of these events in order to be able to share the excitement of participation with their children.

Please ask for the special link (reserved for parents/carers) to access the photographs - available from the school office.

    'Bubble' Sports Days
July 2021
Leavers' service 2021
July 2021
Including the celebratory video
  Farewell to Mr Gall
July 2021 
  Farewell to Mrs Staple
July 2021 
  Leavers' Party
July 2021 
Owl Class Sleepover
July 2021
Water Park Visit
July 2021
Robins' Beach Visit
July 2021
Carey Camp Visit
July 2021
  Easter Service
  Bridport Food Festival
June 2021
Leavers 2020
July 2020
Virtual Sports Week
July 2020
Christmas Lunch
18th December 2019
Corfe Castle
9th March 2020
Peace Child Performance
11th December 2019
Colmers Hill Run
23rd November 2019
Coffee Stop
Owl Class in the Village Hall
20th November 2019
Christmas Cheer
4th December 2019
Charmouth Expedition
18th November 2019
  Drama Club
Hansel and Gretel
19th November 2019
Dance Festival
at Freshwater Holiday Park
21st November 2019
Bronze Sports Ambassador Training
9th October 2019
Mad Hatter's Tea Party
15th October 2019
4th October 2019
Year 6 Party
17 July 2019
  Tutankhamun Exhibition
Owl Class
12 September 2019
Thank You Tea
July 2019
Football Presentation
11 July 2019
Art Workshop
May 2019
Sports Week
June 2019
Experience Easter
April 2019
Sailing (Owl Class)
3rd-4th June 2019
KS2 Residential
March 2019
Dance Festival
8th March 2019
Mountain Presentation
February 2019
Cornerstones Curriculum Activity
World Book Day
7th March 2019
Music Extravaganza
February 2019
Cornerstones Curriculum Activity
The Victorians

February 2019
Cornerstones Curriculum Activity
You and Me Time
Weekly in Wagtail Class
February 2019
Cornerstones Curriculum Activity
Christmas Events
December 2018
Wagtail Class
Sound Walk

January 2019
Coastguard Visit
20th November 2018
Christmas Fair
1st December 2018
Village Coffee Stop
21st November 2018
Children in Need
16th November 2018
Kenway Cup Football
November 2018
Remembrance & Poppies
November 2018
  Harvest Festival in church
12th October 2018
Colmers Hill Run
4th November 2018
  Artist with Wagtail Class
9th October 2018
  Hooke Court WW1
9th October 2018 
Story Boat Visit
12-14 September 2018
Thank You Tea
23rd July 2018
Sports Week
25th-29th June 2018
School Disco and
Year 6 Party

July 2018
Carey Camp Residential
4-6  July 2018
Summer Concert
10th July 2018
at the Sir John Colfox Academy
Kingston Maurwood
(Reception and Y1)

2nd July 2018 
Hooke Court Residential
29th June - 1st July
Dartmoor Residential
19-21 June 2018
QuadKids 2018
5th June 2018
Washingpool Farm Visits
May 2018
National Sailing Academy
22nd May 2018
Royal Wedding Party
18th May 2018
26th April 2018
Drama Performance
26th March 2018
Class 3 Samba Performance
26th March 2018
Kenway Cup
25th March 2018
Easter Service
29th March 2018
Sport Relief
23rd March 2018
World Book Day
1st March 2018