Good Work Assembly
30th January 2019

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Our Assembly was well led by Scott and Grace this week.

Wagtail Class have been listening to different sounds and they beautifully demonstrated these with different actions.

Robin Class have been learning about London and they enjoyed showing us their miniatures of the London Eye and their maps and information leaflets of London Zoo.

Some pupils from Kingfisher Class shared their descriptive writing following their reading of ’The Hobbit’.

We have welcomed two visitors into the school recently.  One was from the fire service and the other from the NSPCC and both visitors  discussed how to keep safe.  Some of the pupils in Owl Class shared the ‘top tips’ from their visitors.

Finally, we congratulated six pupils who completed the musicianship continuation programme.  Alfie, Alyssa, Chloe, Freya, Jaxon and Pearl were presented with their certificates for their effort and progress when learning to play the French horn.

Well done everyone!