Summer Term Celebration Assembly
18th July 2019
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We had so much to celebrate at the end of the term (and year).


Congratulations to Cogden beach team as they won the ‘Good Learner’ trophy for collecting the most beach points this half term. A special mention goes to the children who achieved the most beach points for attitude, effort and attainment in learning and behaviour: Wagtail Class - Cory, Elsie, Layla, Peter. Robin Class - Alfie W, Daisy, Ewan, Frankie, Poppy S, Ziva. Kingfisher Class- Annabella, George, Imogen, Jaxson, Lacey, William. Owl Class- Ayla, Eva, Grace, Jaxon, Jaydon, Tommy.



Our award for all round excellent attitude and effort in all that they do goes to: Reception - Grace Year 1 - Poppy S Year 2 - Ewan Year 3 - Lacey Year 4 - William Year 5 - Aurélia Year 6 - Katharina


Our Year 3/4 team performed brilliantly at the competition this week: well done Lily, Marnie, Imogen, Shai, Josh, George, William and Billy! An extra special well done to George who came third out of all the boys across the schools and Shai who came fourth out of all the girls. A special mention to Ayla, Nate and George who had the longest standing jumps and Shai for the longest howler throw this term in the Colfox Quadkids competitions out of all the competing schools! Amazing!


We congratulated our Sports Ambassadors on their work in encouraging others to take part in sport through the year and helping to organise the Sports Week activities.


Well done to all of our children who took part in this year’s competitions. The standard was high and it was an extremely difficult decision for the judges, but the winners are: Wagtails - First: Jude, Second: Cory, Third: Lily Robins - First: Poppy S, Second: Daisy, Third: Alfie Kingfishers - First: Lily, Second: George, Third: Shai Owls - First: Delphi, Second: Eva, Third: Courtney, Highly Commended: Grace, Georgia, Taylor The winning entries will be on display in the village hall on Saturday 20th along with other entries for other competition classes entered on the day itself.


Our overall attendance figure for the second half of the Summer term was 95.29%, which is just below the national figure. We will continue to work with families where attendance falls below 90%. It was lovely to be able to give out so many attendance certificates this week with 38 children receiving certificates for 100% attendance and 12 children who had nearly perfect attendance. We also congratulated Owl Class who had the highest attendance across the school and were awarded ‘Present’ the attendance dog and Kingfisher Class who had the award for the least number of lates. Congratulations to Jaxon (Y5), Cory (Rec), Joshua (Y1) and Frankie (Y1) who have had 100% attendance for the whole year.

A wonderful achievement - well done!



We cannot forget the staff who have made all these things possible for all the children and who give their time and energy way beyond expectations throughout the year. 

Thank you to you all!