Good Work Assembly
4th March 2020
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The Good Work Assembly this week was led by Ayla and George. 

The children in Wagtails class have been enjoying the picture book ‘How to catch a star’ and shared their drawings with us. 

The children in Robin class are studying the topic ‘The Scented Garden’ and they described their favourite flowers and shared the sketches they produced.

Kingfisher class also told us about their new topic, ‘1066’, and we were impressed by their historical knowledge.

Some of the children in Owl class explained how they produced their sketches of Tudor portraits of Henry VIII and some of his wives.  They are now going to progress onto painting the portraits and we look forward to seeing these in a few weeks.

We congratulated a number of children for their achievements outside school:

Daisy shared her trampoline certificate.  Jack was proud of his medals for football.   Bertie and Cory told us all about their fun fencing certificates and Harry told us about going in a submarine.  Finally, we congratulated Chloe, Harry, Aurelia and Zoe on their swimming certificates and awards.




Well done, everyone!