School Governors

The Chair of Governors is Mrs Pat Lewis-Badgett (

The members of the Local Governing Body come from a wide range of backgrounds 
and have very varied skills and experience -  from the world of education and outside. 
One of the two vice chairs, Mr Julian Piper, is also currently a Trustee of the Minerva Learning Trust.

Non-staff Governors (click on a photo to enlarge):
Pat Lewis-Badgett Sian German Julian Piper Vicky Thomas Jules Handyside Ashley Harrow
Foundation Parent Foundation Foundation Parent Co-opted
Chair Vice Chair Vice Chair      
  • All continue to undergo training, especially in areas of governance in which they have a particular interest.

  • All are linked to particular aspects of the School and monitor progress towards the School's Development Plan. 

  • Some, in addition to their role as a governor, give time to the School to provide support for learning.


The role of the Local Governing Body is defined in the Governance Handbook for the Minerva Learning Trust.

The Scheme of Delegation may be viewed here.

The resignation of a parent governor in July 2019 leaves a vacancy which we hope to fill shortly.  There are also two spaces for co-opted governors should people with appropriate skills be identified and proposed for the roles.

Meet the governors (including attendance and business interests)