Easter Service
29th March 2018

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Despite the wet weather, the Easter Service was a joyous occasion and the children read and sang beautifully.  The moving 'diary' reflections from Class 3, who have been thinking about Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Day from Mary's perspective, were shared as part of the service and have been displayed in the Church throughout the Easter season.  They are reproduced below for a wider audience.  Photos of the service follow.

Palm Sunday:

Dear Diary

Today I was very happy because I got to see my son, but I was also a bit worried because some people were not cheering in the crowd.  They were saying “Hosanna!”  It made me very happy to see Him on a donkey because it reminds me of when I was on a donkey holding him in my two arms.


Dear Diary

This was the day my son was riding a donkey while everyone was cheering for Him.  I was very proud.  I can’t believe that He finally made it to Jerusalem.  We were all cheering, and we were all happy.  There were palm leaves everywhere.  We didn’t realise that people didn’t’ like us.  Some people were saying, “Boo”.  I was very upset.  But lots of them LOVE HIM!


Dear Diary,

I am currently looking at Jesus ride a donkey through the streets of Jerusalem.  Oh, my boy getting cheered across the streets.  I am so proud.  But not everybody likes Him which is a shame because He is a really nice man – He’s just misunderstood.  As his mother, I’m scared for Him.  I’m scared He’ll get hurt.  Most of the people who don’t like Him are jealous of Him.  Jealous because He is being treated like a King and they’re not.


Good Friday:

Dear Diary

I hated being there.  It was too much for me, hearing Pilate say he should punish Jesus then let him free.  But with all the crowd yelling, “Kill Him!  Crucify Him!  Let Barabbas free!”  I felt that He shouldn’t have come to Jerusalem.  In the end, Pilate gave in and made Jesus walk up the steep hill with the cross on His back.  Jesus did not moan.  He did exactly what He was told.  When he was on the cross, I heard my son say, “Father, forgive these people.  They do not know what they are doing.”  Then I heard the crowd chuckle, “If you’re the Son of God, save yourself.”

When the crowd was gone, I fell to my knees until I couldn’t see my son’s smiling face (I didn’t know why he was smiling) and started crying.  I felt heartbroken.  I had an empty space inside my tummy.  I wanted my son back, God’s son.


Dear Diary

Today, I saw my son walking up the steep hill holding the cross and His face was bleeding because they made Him wear a thorn crown.  A few hours earlier, He was put in court and people shouted to Pilate, “Crucify Him!”  Pilate replied, “But he’s done nothing wrong, there’s no point!” Finally, Pilate agreed.  They shouted, “Let Barabbas free instead!”  I felt heartbroken and horrified.  I can’t believe it.  People shouted to Him, “If you are the Son of God save yourself!”  Every time I go and see Him, He is praying to God and saying, “Forgive them.  They don’t know what they are doing.”


Dear Diary

I am watching my son walk up the steep, tall hill while carrying a very heavy cross.  He is tired and hungry.  He is wearing a thorn crown.  I thought I would never see Him again.  My heart was broken!  I felt there was no more love in me.  His last words were, “Please forgive them.   They don’t know what they are doing!”


Easter Day:

Dear Diary

Early in the morning, Mary and Mary Magdalene made some spices to put on Jesus’ body after He died.  The women walked down to the tomb, but when they got there…  Jesus was gone!  An angel appeared and said to Mary and Mary, “Tell the disciples to go to Galilee and that is where they will find Jesus.”  I am joyful that Jesus is alive!


Dear Diary

Today I was shocked when my son’s people said Jesus was gone.  First, I didn’t believe them, but when I had a look for myself, I saw that His body was gone.  I really had despair in my heart.  I thought that he had been taken by people that didn’t like him.  But he just came back to life.  I was relieved that he had risen.  It gave me hope.


Dear Diary

Today was pretty weird.  After Jesus’ death, followers treated Him with respect.  Then they put Him in a tomb.  Three days later, two girls came to put spices on Him.  He was not there.  I was astonished then they told me.  I really hope I see Him again.  The word spread about Jesus.  He is always in people’s minds.


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