Experience Easter and Celebrations
April 2019

In the last week of term, the children spent time in the Church taking part in 'Experience Easter' - a scheme outlined in material from the Diocese of Gloucester.  Church members had constructed six interactive 'stations' illustrating the events of the journey from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

  • Hopes and Dreams:  Celebrating the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem when the people waved palms and shouted 'Hosannah'

  • Servant King:  Reflecting on how Jesus washed his disciples' feet and encouraged them to become generous servants

  • Remember Me:  Re-enacting the last supper when Jesus shared bread and wine and asked his friends to 'do this in memory of me'

  • Alone:  Spending time in the Garden of Gethsemane and thinking of times when we have been alone as Jesus was

  • Crucifixion:  Remembering the cross and the cruel death of Jesus - but that the cross is empty and a symbol of hope

  • Resurrection:  Sitting in front of the empty tomb, reflecting on how Mary and the disciples must have felt and celebrating the Risen Jesus

The week ended with the Easter Service, presided over by Revd Pete Stone, and including reflective songs and 'Easter Jubilation'.  Wagtail Class had made palms to remind us of Palm Sunday, Robin Class had thought about the cross and its meaning today, Kingfisher Class had written prayers and Owl Class had written acrostic poems, some of which are reproduced here.

Sacrificed to set us free
Always remembering your death
Crucified but you came back to life
Rolled the stone away
I love you Jesus
For you have died for me
In eternal freedom
Crown Him Lord of Love
Everlasting life


Sacrificed to set us free
Always remembering his death
Cruficited but came back to life
Ruined sinners to reclaim
In eternal freedom
For you have died for me
I love you Jesus
Crown Him Lord of Life
Endless is the victory


Sacrificed to save our life
Souls to bring back
Arise from the dead
Crown him with many crowns
Ropes that bind us fall away
If in doubt - just pray
For the Son of God who came
I shall sacrifice my name
Christ has come and
Endless is the victory
Sacrifice is:
Saving our lives
All because of thirteen me
Christ has risen
Risen from the tomb
In debt to Lord Jesus
Fought the fight, the battle won
Is it really fair that you gaive your life for us
Crown him Lord of Life
Eternally grateful for your sacrifice

Risen from the dead
Eternal life it is said
Saviour came alive again
Under He came from out the den
Resurrected to set us free
Really thank you Lord, I really thank thee
Endless is the victory
Can't everyone see
That He is the one that we should cheer
In every place, even here
On everyday, say a prayer everyoone
Noone should doubt that He's God's son

Ayla Chard

Salvation is: saving our lives
All because of one man
Love of God will power through
Very thankful for your sacrifice
Asking for forgiveness
Through all eternity - that my God should die for me
I will always be grateful
Onward we shall live
Never forgetting you