Corfe Castle Visit
9th March 2020
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Arriving at the bottom of Corfe Hill, on the ninth of March, I could feel the excitement building in KS2 – we were nearly there!

However, the mountain we started to climb began to make us feel tired. Halfway up, we caught a glimpse of the castle ruins- what a beautiful sight!; we even spotted a section of it precariously balancing on the hillside.

On our walk, it was lush with green, alive with birds and fresh from yesterday’s rain. Dotted around the hill, sparkling in the sun, were bits of: wall, tower, window, floor and much more. It looked a bit like the once castle had towered over us but had fallen too far. Finally we reached the top and were greeted by our tour guide Steve.

It was extremely windy and cold but thankfully it didn’t rain. I had made a bad decision to leave my jumper and gloves in my bag at the entrance, which led to my fingers becoming so cold and numb I could hardly make a fist.

Having hiked to the top and explored many elements of Corfe Castle, Steve (our tour guide) led us to the keep. He informed us that the most important people would have spent their time there. We climbed the first set of stairs, for it was a tall building, and were in the cellar, or buttery as they called it in Tudor times.

Then we mounted the second flight of stairs leading to what seemed like a corridor. We entered the toilet room. Slightly disgusting was that room; we could see the erosion on the walls from the human waste!

After that, we left the keep, admiring the view as we came down. It was teeth- chattering cold and about 12.30 by then, so we went back down the hill to the Gatehouse where we ate out lunch.

We got back on the coach after a great trip out, just as the rain started to fall. 

Recounted by Alyssa, Aurelia, Ayla and Lilly.