Carey Camp Residential (Years 3 and 4)
4-6 July 2018
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Thanks to the staff for giving their time to make the trip possible and for all the enjoyment experienced by the pupils.

Ayla and Freya wrote:

The Adventure of Carey Camp
When we arrived at the site, we got told our tent numbers. We set up the tents inside before doing the blind-fold trail and low ropes. Then we had lunch. The first proper meal was dinner. We took our trays up to the counters and got served our food. We had hot chocolate later on. Then we went to sleep - that was the hard bit!
The next day, the first activities were star orienteering followed by fire-lighting and environmental art. 
On the last day, we played fun games and went to the shop.
When we had to go, it was disappointing but we were all glad of a good sleep!