Class 4 Residential to Dartmoor
19-21 June 2018

A wide selection of photos showing many aspects of the residential is available to parents/carers through the link provided by the School office.

Amber writes:
"On Tuesday, we arrived at school.  After a while, we all took our suitcases and walked down to the bus.  After about an hour or two later, we arrived at the Otter and Butterfly sanctuary.  We looked at the otters first, then the butterflies.  Before we left, we stroked different types of reptiles and bought something from the gift shop.  After another hour, we arrived at the Youth Hostel.  We had some room time, then we went to a calming river and played 'stuck in the mud' and French cricket.  Then we had dinner.  After tea, we saw a falconry display.  In the morning, we had breakfast.  Then, we got ready to climb up Bellever Tor.  When we got back, we had lunch outside.  Afterwards, we played some team-building games in our beach teams.  Freshwater won the games.  Later on, we had dinner.  After, we went down to the river to play some games.  Then we got back and went to bed.  In the morning, we packed our bags and then went to get breakfast.  Afterwards, we took our suitcases to the boot room.  After that, Y6 played French cricket whilst Y5 did some sketching of the landscapes.  We then had lunch.  Then we went back to the hostel, got our bags and put them on the bus.  Next, we were on the bus for two hours so we could get back to school.  When we got to school, we waited to be picked up by our parents at 3 o'clock in the afternoon."

Information about the Otter and Butterfly Sanctuary can be found here.

Information about YHA Dartmoor can be found here.






Our thanks to the School staff and those at the Otter and Butterfly Sanctuary and the YHA for making this such a memorable and enjoyable residential.